Plasmid library submission form

Your initials followed by a number. E.g., 'KC001'. You will provide a tube of DNA to Cecelia or Tanwee with this number. They will then assign an official plasmid number and let you know what it is.
Plasmid type *
E.g., 'pcDNA3.1-Ebola virus GP'
E.g., 'Ebola virus (EBOV) GP Mayinga'
If known. Enter numbers only.
E.g., 'pcDNA3.1(+)'
Resistance *
Indicate if applicable. E.g., 'Grow at 30˚C'
E.g., 'Iva Problem'
A, T, C, G only, please.
Please make every effort to include sequence. If sequence is not available, please note this in the Description, and provide any available cloning info.
Also, if you're providing only the insert sequence, please note this in Description.
Please enter as much descriptive text as possible, including the originator of the plasmid and keywords:
'Ebola virus GP (Mayinga isolate) was cloned with XhoI and BamHI sites'
'Plasmid was provided by Dr. Nice Guy Scientist .'
'A pox on Dr. Nice Guy's house—he didn't tell me that the insert has three point mutations at residues Asn 42, Pro 94, and Ala 103.
I fixed these to Asp, Gly, and Val by site-directed mutagenesis.'